Logarithmic Transimpedance Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ Logarithmic Transimpedance Amplifiers accurately convert an input current to a logarithmically (“linear in dB”) related output voltage over an exceptionally large dynamic range of up to 200dB (from 1pA to 10mA). The logarithmic response automatically provides dynamic range compression, without requiring any control circuitry. This significantly reduces the dynamic range requirements on post-processing circuitry such as analog-to-digital converters. Precision laser trimming applied to products such as ADL5304, AD8304 enables very high accuracy measurements with only minimal calibration required. ADI’s Logarithmic Transimpedance Amplifiers are used in a variety of applications including optical power measurement, wide range baseband logarithmic compression, measurement of current and voltage ratios, and optical absorbance measurements.
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