A/D and D/A Converter Combinations

Analog Devices’ A/D and D/A converters combine with other technologies in a wide range of configurations to create a comprehensive portfolio of software configurable inputs/outputs (SWIO), integrated monitoring, and control components. In combining these A/D and D/A converters with temperature sensors, GPIOs, and current sensing technologies, ADI’s integrated solutions save space over discrete implementations, simplify operations, and provide the configurability, reliability, and predictability that your system requires. A/D and D/A converter combination products are ideal for configurable input/output stages or for general system monitoring of peripherals like power supplies or system voltages and currents. This results in these A/D and D/A converter solutions being used in wireless base stations, optical transceivers, transponders, and in industrial I/O module applications, as well as systems such as programmable logic controllers, control systems, and building control due to their versatility and flexibility, as well as their software configurable I/Os.
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