SDR is changing the game for design engineers – and enabling life-saving innovations for first responders.

Mission critical demands high performance

Mission-critical scenarios require high-performance technology; flexible, reliable solutions that fundamentally transform how people can connect, protect, inform and support one another in the most demanding and dangerous environments on Earth.

Analog Devices SDR (software-defined radio) transceiver technology does just that – helping engineers envision and enable communication solutions that are ahead of what’s possible.

Technology for the toughest environments on Earth

Consider the needs of first responders, who find themselves in the heart of catastrophic events, where the demand for always-on communication is at its utmost. They need radio communications that are lightweight, rugged, power-efficient, flexible enough to operate on multiple frequencies, yet simple enough to use in extreme environmental conditions.

It’s a substantial challenge; one that ADI answers through mixed-signal innovation. And simplicity.

Mixed signal innovation. Greater design capabilities.

SDR solutions have been implemented in various degrees with discrete signal chains – but at high-power and high cost. Analog Devices SDR technology changes the game for design engineers, with a proven, high-performance, highly programmable complete radio transceiver in IC form; one that allows engineers to bring the most reliable, robust, professional-level features even into handheld SDR designs.

Easier to prototype, yielding superior features – SDR architectures enable a host of advantages to first responders. Through SDR, a radio’s modes of operation can be changed instantly in reaction to a first responder’s environment and situation. Radios can cognitively scan, analyze and classify the spectrum to locate a desired communication link, and reprogram itself to receive and transmit on that link. Solutions can be designed such that no special technical knowledge or special skills are required to operate them. SDR’s can be upgraded with new protocols, standards and functions, without requiring downtime on the radio sets or network equipment.

In short, SDR greatly enhances the capabilities of the handheld radio as a communications tool for first responders; and ADI’s industry-leading complete SDR transceiver solutions open the design possibilities for engineers to develop those systems faster, more easily, with less risk and with greater features and functionality than ever before.

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