A better design experience. A more dynamic automotive experience. ADI's A2B® technology delivers both.

More with less

Taking on today’s automotive design challenges often starts with what you take out.

Take out the complexity. Take out the weight. Take out the added costs. But add in the advanced, feature-rich infotainment experience that car manufacturers, and millions of drivers, increasingly expect – along with better gas mileage.

It’s a delicate and demanding trade-off.

75% less weight. 100% more innovation.

Analog Devices is helping to solve this challenge with the Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B) digital audio bus technology, which delivers high fidelity audio for automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75% in key applications) – resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

Leading automotive manufacturers approached ADI about developing technology that could support multiple microphone arrays in vehicles to enable different applications such as voice recognition, active noise cancellation, and in-car communications.

Traditional implementations for high fidelity audio in automobiles required a large amount of expensive, heavy cabling. ADI set about it a better way – initially with the AD2410 and most recently with the AD242x family of enhanced A2B transceivers. All  A2B transceivers are capable of distributing audio and control data together with clock and power over a single, unshielded, low cost twisted-pair wire.


Greener cars. Superior features. Better designs.

A2B connects multiple remote sensors for different applications in a daisy chain sequence, significantly reducing redundant cabling runs. As a result, the weight of the cable harness is reduced dramatically, while overall design costs and complexity (in design, installation and maintenance) are reduced due to the need for fewer cables. The A2B technology can also supply power to other devices in the daisy chain, eliminating the need for local power supplies and further reducing total system cost.

A better design experience. A better, greener, more dynamic automotive experience.  It’s currently on a highway near you as the first A2B-enabled audio systems have already hit the road.  

"The A2B technology has proven to be a simple & cost-effective digital audio interconnect solution with the scalability that enables HARMAN to deliver a broad range of differentiated systems across multiple vehicle platforms. The AD2428 family offers a seamless and fast time-to-market upgrade path for our existing A2B car audio solutions”.

– Darby Hadley, VP Global Engineering, Car Audio SBU for HARMAN Lifestyle Audio Division.

"As an early implementer of ADI’s A2B, we found the technology to significantly reduce cabling complexity and associated cost and weight of next-generation infotainment systems, key areas of focus for Panasonic’s OEM customers”

– Jonathan Lane, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

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