High Power Switches in SOI: ADRF5144 and ADRF5141

Harini Kumar, Product Marketing Manager at Analog Devices, showcases some of the new High Power SPDT Switches in SOI. The ADRF5144 is a 1-20 GHz wideband, high power reflective SPDT switch that can handle 10W CW power and 20W pulsed power. The second device introduced in this video is the ADRF5141; a tuned 10W X-Band SPDT switch with an integrated limiter on the RX arm in SOI. In RX mode, the limiter engages and the power on the RX port is limited to 18dBm. This video also highlights some of the key advantages of using SOI technology for switch products design: excellent small signal performance, linearity, low bias voltages and currents, and are CMOS-LVTTL logic compatible.