Active Rectifier Controller with Reverse Protection

As the current level continues to increase in automotive electronic systems, designers can no longer use conventional blocking Schottky diodes due to high power dissipation and thermal issues. The LT8672 is an active rectifier controller with reverse current protection that can replace the diode.

The LT8672 operates at the input range between 3V and 42V with only 20uA quiescent current. It protects the load against reverse input voltages up to -40V. The forward voltage drop is regulated to 20mV. Due to its fast response to changes in the external MOSFET’s forward voltage, the controller can rectify input ripple with amplitudes as high as 2V peak-to-peak up to 100kHz, or 6V peak-to-peak up to 50kHz.

The low power dissipation, fast transient response, and small solution size make the LT8672 ideal for automotive applications.