LTC4282 Video Product Brief

The LTC4282 Hot SwapTM controller allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane. Using one or more external N-channel pass transistors, board supply voltage and inrush current are ramped up at an adjustable rate. An I2C interface and onboard ADC allows for monitoring of board current, voltage, power, energy and fault status. The device features analog foldback current limiting and supply monitoring for applications from 2.9V to 33V. Dual 12V gate drive allows high power applications to either share safe operating area across parallel MOSFETs or support a 2-stage start-up that first charges the load capacitance followed by enabling a low on-resistance path to the load. The LTC4282 is well suited to high power applications because the precise monitoring capability and accurate current limiting reduce the extremes in which both loads and power supplies must safely operate. Non-volatile configuration allows for flexibility in the autonomous generation of alerts and response to faults.