140V CMOS Op Amp with Rail-to-Rail Output and pA Inputs

The LTC6090 high voltage CMOS op amp is the highest voltage monolithic op amp in the industry. It has a number of unique characteristics not found in other CMOS op amps. Unlike other CMOS amplifiers whose fine transistor geometries limit power supply operation to 5V, the LTC6090 is built on Linear Technology’s proprietary 0.6 micron BiCMOS process, and can operate on supplies up to ±70V. Its CMOS inputs provide the ultimate in high voltage, high input impedance sensing. Its input common mode rejection ratio is typically much greater than 140dB. And the op amp can hold its own in the precision and small signal regime, and also features voltage offsets typically under 500μV, and voltage offset drifts under 3μV/°C. With a broadband noise of 140μVrms over a 10MHz bandwidth, a dynamic range exceeding 110dB is possible.