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mSure controlling the energy usage

As buildings become more digitized, the stresses and strains on an aging power grid are substantial. Current energy infrastructure is variable and uncertain, and today’s grid infrastructure is vastly unequipped to support the increasing demands of the future.

Analog Devices is dedicated to make an enduring impact on people’s lives and the world around us with energy technology and solutions that create a resilient, sustainable energy infrastructure. Our goals are to help customers reduce emissions, increase efficiency, and enable greater use of renewable energy sources in the intelligent buildings space.

Understanding how energy is consumed within a building enables the occupier of the building management system to make decisions that optimize the power consumption in real time. ADI’s mSure® technology can accurately understand energy consumption at the point of use without the need for complex calibration. This real-time, accurate insight also allows building owners, occupiers, and managers to measure their progress toward achieving their sustainability goals.

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