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Explore next-generation building automation network and room controller solutions from ADI.

Building automation networks and room controllers enable the adoption of new technologies to achieve sustainability, health, and productivity goals in modern intelligent buildings. Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) brings IP connectivity to intelligent building control systems with a portfolio of connectivity solutions for both greenfield and retrofit installations, with support for common building automation protocols such as BACnet. ADI's I/O products offer analog and digital I/O with smaller form factors and fewer components, while our solutions for software configurable I/O allow even more flexibility. Explore next-generation building automation network and room controller solutions from ADI below.

Sustainable Enterprise with Ethernet Connected Building Automation Controllers

New buildings are being outfitted with technologies to remotely control HVAC systems, sense room occupancy, autonomously control lighting, and monitor environmental conditions, making these buildings more sustainable while also making them safer and more comfortable for their inhabitants. ADI’s industry-leading measurement, connectivity, and processing technologies are purpose-built to make both new and existing buildings more sustainable and healthier, allowing retrofitting of buildings to re-use the twisted pair cable infrastructure and connect modern systems over 10BASE-T1L Ethernet.

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Building Controller Blog Series

For a building to be intelligent, it needs to be digitized, where data can freely flow from rooms and open spaces to centralized building management systems. Read how legislation and technology innovation are going hand in hand in the move towards a net-zero future in intelligent buildings. Discover how the retrofitting of existing buildings will bring new life to the current building stock worldwide and see the central role Analog Devices’ technology plays.

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Upgrade or Retrofit Your BMS for Better Energy Efficiency

How 10BASE-T1L Building Controllers Are Enabling Sustainable Building Management Systems

The 10BASE-T1L protocol provides seamless Ethernet connectivity to direct digital controllers (DDCs) and edge nodes used in building management systems (BMSs) with point-to-point, ring, and line network configurations. 10BASE-T1L offers real-time control, 10 Mbps data rates, and support for virtually unlimited numbers of edge nodes over a single twisted pair cable that also supplies power to the system. Learn how 10BASE-T1L can fit into a typical BMS architecture and discover its potential to improve energy efficiency when retrofitted into existing systems.

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