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The EVAL-SPoE-KIT-AZ is an IEEE 802.3cg single-pair, power over Ethernet (SPoE) evaluation kit. The kit features the LTC4296-1, 5-Port SPoE power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller, and the LTC9111, SPoE powered device (PD) for evaluation of IEEE 802.3cg Class 10 through 15 SPoE power. The ADIN1100, 10BASE-T1L PHY provides the Ethernet data in the system.

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Package Contents

EVAL-SPoE-KIT-AZ Kit Contents

  • (1) EVAL-LTC4296-1-KIT-AZ
    • - EVAL-LTC4296-1-AZ PSE Motherboard
    • - EVAL-LTC4296-1-RC-AZ Microcontroller Rider Card
    • - Micro B USB Cable
  • (1) EVAL-LTC9111-AZ PD Motherboard
  • (2) EVAL-10BT1L-SMC-AZ ADIN1100 Media Converter Class 10 through 14 SPoE Shield
  • (2) EVAL-10BT1L-SMC-BZ ADIN1100 Media Converter Class 15 SPoE Shield
  • (1) 12”, Single Twisted Pair, 18AWG, Cable
  • (1) Micro-B USB Cable