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Precision Narrow Bandwidth Solutions

Analog Devices offers precision narrow bandwidth signal chains that focus on optimizing the performance of systems where the signals of interest are in the range of DC to approximately 10 kHz. These signal chains prioritize low frequency specifications, delivering best-in-class accuracy, stability, and resolution. They enable robust, repeatable, high-quality measurement and drive solutions to tackle the most demanding precision challenges.

We have combined precision amplifiers, voltage references, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), circuit protection, and isolation products to create precision narrow bandwidth signal chains that empower system designers to build and optimize solutions for their most important parameters. Coupled with our unrivaled portfolio of design support tools, these signal chains provide a simplified design journey, allowing you to get to market faster with a solution that generates superior insights within your end application.


Value and Benefits

We have solutions tailored to your exact specifications, ranging from stability and latency to signal chain density and power consumption. Our precision narrow bandwidth signal chains can be used for applications such as source measurement units (SMU), digital multimeters (DMM), chromatography, weigh scales, seismic survey equipment, battery test and inspection, energy metering, semiconductor manufacturing, and more.

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Offers highest resolution

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Enables temperature stability

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Ensures lowest noise



Adaptable voltage and current measurement circuit, optimum precision




Fully integrated voltage and current measurement circuit
Fully integrated voltage and current measurement circuit, sensor ready



Adaptable voltage drive circuit
Adaptable voltage drive circuit, cost optimized




Sinewave voltage generation circuit
Sinewave voltage generation circuit, density optimized



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