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Analog Input/Output Module Solutions

Industry 4.0 trends of digitization and optimization (flexible factory) require more compact form factors to accommodate higher channel counts. Analog Devices' portfolio includes integrated products to build new signal chains for fixed function analog input and analog output modules.

With decades of experience providing proven analog solutions for I/O modules, Analog Devices is a trusted partner for analog I/O security and reliability. Looking to future equipment needs, new on-chip capabilities and product certifications fulfil even the most demanding applications such as those with intrinsic safety requirements.

Mandated energy requirements, as well as increased energy costs and end-customer sustainability concerns, all drive a need for low-power operation both when idle and at full operational capacity. Our next-generation products across the portfolio contribute to these goals.


Value and Benefits

Integrated analog and digital signal conditioning and passive on-chip devices enable reduced form factors for analog input modules and analog output modules. Ultralow-power microcontroller units (MCUs), efficient power management solutions, and lower power isolators and analog front ends allow end equipment to be built for dynamic power modes.

Designs for I/O modules can leverage on-chip diagnostic functions for ADCs and DACs, and functional safety-certified products simplify end equipment certification and accelerate time to market. End-customer requirements to calibrate modules can be reduced or eliminated, while integrating more of the signal chain on-chip means a reduction in design time and bill of materials.

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Allows for energy-efficient designs

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Simplifies equipment certification for faster time to market

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Reduces form factor with integrated analog and digital signal conditioning

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