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Infusion Pump Systems

Infusion pumps administer fluids, medications, and nutrients into a patient's circulatory system in a controlled manner. They are used in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and homes. Infusion pump dosages range from 10s of µL/h in syringe pumps to liters/h in large-volume infusion pumps. Our solutions for modern-day infusion pumps provide user-friendly interfaces and state-of-the-art safety mechanisms that set a new standard for therapy execution, prioritizing patient welfare above all.


Value and Benefits

Our broad portfolio of discrete and integrated precision sensing, motor control, security, and power solutions ensures the precise administration of fluids and medications, minimizing errors and enhancing treatment accuracy. Our high-performance signal chain, protection, and consumable authentication solutions enable the design of safety features and customizable dosing that support personalized care while fostering efficiency. Our diverse selection of watchdog timers, high-performance microcontrollers, and interface solutions enhance real-time monitoring and connectivity, enabling remote supervision, data-driven insights, and versatile applications in infusion pumps across healthcare settings. By converging data and precision, these systems reshape medical practices for optimal patient outcomes.

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Enhances treatment accuracy

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Supports efficient, personalized care

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Offers real-time monitoring and connectivity

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