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TRAINING, TUTORIALS & SEMINARS — ADSP-BF608 : Blackfin Dual-Core Processor up to 1GHz with Hardware Support for VGA Video Analytics

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  • Blackfin Processors Optimized for Embedded Vision
    The Blackfin BF608 and BF609 feature an analytics accelerator, the Pipelined Vision Processor. These Blackfins are optimized for variety of applications such as automotive driver assistance, industrial machine vision, and security & surveillance.
  • Introducing the Blackfin ADSP-BF60x Processors
    This video describes the new ADSP-BF60x series of high-performance Blackfin Processors. The BF608 and 609 are optimized for embedded vision applications and the BF606 and 607 are optimized for high-performance general purpose DSP applications.
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