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TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION — ADP1864 : Constant Frequency Current-Mode Step-Down DC-to-DC Controller in TSOT

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  • ADP1829 & ADP1864 Reference Design  (pdf, 142 kB)
    Three Output Voltages: 1.24 V, 3.3 V, 5 V; Output Current: 2 A to 4 A; Input voltage: 10.8-13.2 V; Ripple 2% ppk of Output Voltage; Transient step ±5%, 50% max load
  • ADP1864 & ADP1611 Reference Design  (pdf, 123 kB)
    Input Voltage 5V ± 5%; Generates two voltages: An adjustable negative voltage that tracks an adjustable positive voltage; Output Voltage: -7V to -12V and +7 to +12V; Single resistor value change for each supply will adjust the output voltages; Both Voltages capable of providing 150mA of output current
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