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AD8001S:  Aerospace 800 MHz, 50mW Current Feedback Amplifier

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The AD8001 is a low power, high speed amplifier designed to operate on ±5 V supplies. The AD8001 features unique transimpedance linearization circuitry. This allows it to drive video loads with excellent differential gain and phase performance on only 50 mW of power. The AD8001 is a current feedback amplifier and features gain flatness of 0.1 dB to 100 MHz while offering differential gain and phase error of 0.01% and 0.025°. This makes the AD8001 ideal for professional video electronics such as cameras and video switchers. Additionally, the AD8001's low distortion and fast settling make it ideal for buffer high speed A-to-D converters.

The AD8001 offers low power of 5.5 mA max (VS = ±5 V) and can run on a single +12 V power supply, while being capable of delivering over 70 mA of load current. These features make this amplifier ideal for portable and battery powered applications where power is critical.

The outstanding bandwidth of 800 MHz along with 1200 V/µs of slew rate make the AD8001 useful in many general purpose high speed applications where dual power supplies of up to ±6 V and single supplies from 6 V to 12 V are needed.


  • Excellent Video Specifications
    (RL = 150Ω, G = +2)
    Gain Flatness 0.1 dB to 100 MHz
    0.01% Differential Gain Error
    0.025° Differential Phase Error
  • Low Power
    5.5 mA Max Power Supply Current (55 mW)
  • High Speed and Fast Settling
    880 MHz, -3 dB Bandwidth (G = +1)
    440 MHz, -3 dB Bandwidth (G = +2)
    1200 V/µs Slew Rate typical
    10 ns Settling Time to 0.1%
  • Low Distortion
    -65 dBc THD, fc = 5 MHz
    33 dBm Third Order Intercept, F1 = 10 MHz
    -66 dB SFDR, f = 5 MHz
  • gh Output Drive
    70 mA Output Current typical
    Drives Up to 4 Back-Terminated Loads
    (75Ω Each) While Maintaining
    Good Differential
    Gain/Phase Performance

AD8001S Pin Configuration Diagram

AD8001S Pin Configuration Diagram
AD8001S Pin Configuration Diagram

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Title Content Type File Type
AD8001S: Military Data Sheet  (Rev E, 11/2012) (pdf) Data Sheets PDF
MT-034: Current Feedback (CFB) Op Amps  (pdf, 130 kB) Tutorials PDF
ADI Warns Against Misuse of COTS Integrated Circuits  (pdf, 13 kB)
(Revised 1/03)
Invites Customer Participation in Creative Mil/Aero System Solutions
Recommended Reading PDF
PCN#00-406  (pdf, 14 kB)
Product Change notice for change of Analog Devices, Inc. Aerospace Product Line standard product from 883 Class S to MIL-PRF-38535, level V.
Aerospace Information PDF
Aerospace Dice  (pdf, 196 kB)
(Revised 1/2006)
Many Analog Devices products can be purchased as Class K die.
Aerospace Information PDF
Aerospace Products Package Brochure  (pdf, 391 kB)
This brochure gives reference to the various packages offered by the Aerospace Product Line which are in compliance with MIL-STD-1835.
Aerospace Information PDF
Standard Space Level Products Program  (pdf, 39 kB)
This brochure describes the standard flow and how to order Analog Devices, Inc. standard product for Space Level not available as JAN, or QML. It replaces the Standard Class S brochure.
Aerospace Information PDF
Space Qualified Parts List  (pdf, 93 kB)
This document lists 67 (240+) space level products that are available from Analog Devices. Many of the products listed are state-of-the-art data conversion and signal processing products that were previously only available as commercial or military Class B products. Through our Space Products Group and MIL-PRF-38535 certified Level V (Class S) facility, we are pleased to offer these products to the space marketplace.
Aerospace Information PDF
RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
AD8001S Low Dose Rate Generic Report  (pdf, 567 kB) Generic Radiation Reports PDF
AD8001S Generic Radiation Report  (pdf, 19 kB) Generic Radiation Reports PDF
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

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5962-9459301VHA Status: Obsolete CERPAK(HERM CER SRF MOUNT) 10 Mil Tray, 19 - - N  Material Info PCN/PDN Contact ADI
5962-9459301VPA Status: Obsolete CERDIP GLASS SEAL 8 Mil Tube, 48 - - N  Material Info PCN/PDN Contact ADI
5962L9459302VHA Status: Production CERPAK(HERM CER SRF MOUNT) 10 Mil Tray, 19 - - N  Material Info PCN Contact ADI
5962R9459301VHA Status: Production CERPAK(HERM CER SRF MOUNT) 10 Mil Tray, 19 - - N  Material Info PCN Contact ADI
5962R9459301VPA Status: Production CERDIP GLASS SEAL 8 Mil Tube, 48 - - N  Material Info PCN Contact ADI
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