ADI's Controller Area Network (CAN) transceivers provide the differential physical layer interface between the data layer link, hardware protocoller (e.g. embedded in some of ADI's blackfin processors) and the physical wiring of the Controller Area Network bus. ADI's portfolio includes transceivers with integrated iCoupler ® and isoPower® isolation, providing, fully isolated off-the-shelf CAN PHY's.

ADI’s Blackfin processors support embedded CAN controller peripherals. See Embedded Processors and DSP
For more of ADI's Digital Isolation Products please visit: Digital Isolators.

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  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance

  • The iCoupler® family of digital isolation products have been safety tested (basic and reinforced) and approved by various regulatory agencies. View Compliance Information.

  • Isolated CAN in the News


Isolated CAN

Part#Insulation Rating (kVrms)Data Rate (Max)High Volt Bus Side RegIntegrated Iso DC/DC ConvNumber of NodesUS Price 1000-4999
ADM3054 5 kV rms 1 Mbps No No 110 $2.10
ADM3053 2.5 kV rms 1 Mbps No Yes 110 $5.50
ADM3052 5 kV rms 1 Mbps Yes No 110 $3.50
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Non-Isolated CAN

Part#Vsupply Positive (max)Data Rate (Max)CAN TypeBust Fault Protection minBus Fault Protection max# of Nodes On BusOperating Temp RangeUS Price 1000 to 4999Function
ADM3051 5 1 Mbps High Speed CAN -36 V 36 V 110 -40 to +125 $0.90 -
ADM487E 5.25 250 kbps - - - 128 -25 to +85 $1.32 Driver
ADM1487E 5.25 2.5 Mbps - - - 128 -40 to +85 $0.95 Driver
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