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AD760:  16/18-Bit Self-Calibrating Serial/Byte DACPORT

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The AD760 is a complete 16/18-bit self-calibrating monolithic DAC (DACPORT ®) with onboard voltage reference, double buffered latches and output amplifier. It is manufactured on Analog Devices' BiMOS II process. This process allows the fabrication of low power CMOS logic functions on the same chip as high precision bipolar linear circuitry.

Self-calibration is initiated by simply pulsing the CAL pin low. The CALOK pin indicates when calibration has been successfully completed. The output multiplexer (MUXOUT) can be used to send the output to the bottom of the output range during calibration.

Data can be loaded into the AD760 as straight binary, serial data or as two 8-bit bytes. In serial mode, 16-bit or 18-bit data can be used and the serial mode input format is pin selectable, to be MSB or LSB first. This is made possible by three digital input pins which have dual functions (Pins 12, 13, and 14). In byte mode the user can similarly define whether the high byte or low byte is loaded first. The serial output (SOUT) pin allows the user to daisy chain several AD760s by shifting the data through the input latch into the next DAC thus minimizing the number of control lines required in a multiple DAC application. The double buffered latch structure eliminates data skew errors and provides for simultaneous updating of DACs in a multi-DAC system.

The asynchronous CLR function can be configured to clear the output to minus full-scale or midscale depending on the state of Pin 17 when CLR is strobed. The AD760 also powers up with the MUX output in a predetermined state by means of a digital and analog power supply detection circuit. This is particularly useful for robotic and industrial control applications.

The AD760 is available in a 28-pin, 600 mil cerdip package. The AQ version is specified from -40°C to +85°C.


  • ±0.2 LSB (±0.00031%) Typ Peak DNL and INL
  • ±0.5 LSB (±0.00076%) Typ Unipolar Offset, Bipolar Zero
  • 17-Bit Monotonicity Guaranteed
  • 18-Bit Resolution (in Serial Mode)
  • Complete 16/18-Bit D/A Function
    On-Chip Output Amplifier
    On-Chip Buried Zener Voltage Reference
  • Microprocessor Compatible
    Serial or Byte Input
    Double Buffered Latches
  • Asynchronous Clear Function
  • Serial Output Pin Facilitates Daisy Chaining
  • Pin Strappable Unipolar or Bipolar Output
  • Low THD+N: 0.005%

Functional Block Diagram for AD760

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AD760: 16-/18-Bit Self-Calibrating Serial/Byte DACPORT Data Sheet  (Rev A, 04/1995) (pdf, 324 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-932: Power Supply Sequencing  (pdf, 95 kB) Application Notes PDF
Digital to Analog Converters ICs Solutions Bulletin  (pdf) Solutions Bulletins PDF
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