Data Acquisition

Data acquisition systems accurately capture the signals generated by electronic devices and sensors for real-time processing, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, automated test, and data logging. Analog Devices, the world-leader in data conversion and signal processing products, offers a wide array of data acquisition system solutions for different form factors and sensor interfaces. These include:

  • High-resolution sigma-delta and successive approximation ADCs for precision signal acquisition
  • High-speed pipelined A/D converters, suitable for use in waveform digitizers
  • Precision DACs and direct-digital synthesizers for analog outputs and signal generation
  • High-speed precision amplifiers for high-performance signal conditioning and ADC driving
  • Fault-protected switches for robust, high-channel count systems

Data Acquisition

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EVAL-ADA4945-1 Circuit Diagram

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Evaluation Kits

The Analog Devices, Inc., ADA4945-1CP-EBZ evaluation board is used to evaluate the performance of the ADA4945-1 fully differential amplifier. The board can be used as either a standalone evaluation board for general purpose differential amplifier evaluation or as an amplifier mezzanine card for specified ADCs. When configured as a mezzanine card the board is easily mounted atop compatible ADC evaluation boards via the 7-pin Headers J1 and J2. This usage enables quick and easy evaluation of multiple amplifier/ ADC combinations.

The evaluation board can be configured to accept either a single-ended or differential input signal.

The board utilizes several two-pin or three-pin headers to control various features of the ADA4945-1. Headers allow the user to easily set the ADA4945-1 high and low output clamp levels, set the output common-mode voltage, choose high or low power mode, and set the digital ground level.

Optimized power and ground planes ensure low noise and high speed operation. Component placement and power supply bypassing are optimized for maximum circuit flexibility and performance. The evaluation board accepts 0402 or 0603 surface mount technology (SMT) components, 0805 bypass capacitors, and 2.54 mm headers.