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ADE7759:  Single-Phase Metering IC with di/dt Input (Serial-Port Interface).

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The ADE7759 is an accurate active power and energy measurement IC with a serial interface and a pulse output. The ADE7759 incorporates two second-order sigma-delta ADCs, a digital integrator (on CH1), reference circuitry, temperature sensor and all the signal processing required to perform active power and energy measurement.

An on-chip digital integrator provides direct interface to current sensors such as Rogowski coil, which have di/dt output. The digital integrator eliminates the need for external analog integrator, and this solution provides excellent long-term stability and precise phase matching between the current and voltage channels. The integrator can be switched on and off based on the current sensor selected.

The ADE7759 is available in 20-lead SSOP package, and it is pin-to-pin compatible with the ADE7753 and ADE7756.

NOTE: If your application requires the measurement of rms voltage and current, the ADE7763 is recommended.


  • Exceeds IEC61036/60687
  • Less than 0.1% Active Energy Error Over Dynamic Range of 1000:1
  • Active Energy Measurement
  • High Frequency Pulse Output
  • Voltage SAG and Zero-crossing Detection
  • Current Sensor Interface for Current
    Transformers, di/dt Sensors or Shunts
  • On-chip Temperature Sensor and Voltage Reference (2.4 V)
  • Low Power (25 mW typical)

Functional Block Diagram for ADE7759


Title Content Type File Type
ADE7759: Active Energy Metering IC with di/dt Sensor Interface Data Sheet (Rev A, 12/2002) (pdf, 813 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-564: A Power Meter Reference Design Based on the ADE7756  (pdf, 4410 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-639: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Analog Devices Energy (ADE) Products  (pdf, 165 kB) Application Notes PDF
Meter Architecture Trade-offs  (pdf, 1056 kB)
Single-Chip versus Multi-Chip Solutions and Examples of Implementation with Single-Chip Metering IC (Watt-Only and Multi-Function)
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Meter Background
  • Power Theory  (pdf, 386 kB)
    Definition Of Power/Energy, Power Calculations and Theory Behind ADE775x Power Calculations
  • Meter Configurations  (pdf, 888 kB)
    Wiring Standards, Tampering/Anti-Tampering Connections, Single Phase Stepper Motor and Microprocessor-Based Meters
  • Current Sensors  (pdf, 950 kB)
  • PCB Design  (pdf, 1603 kB)
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RF Meets Power Lines: Designing Intelligent Smart Grid Systems that Promote Energy Efficiency
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Smart Metering Technology Promotes Energy Efficiency for a Greener World
Analog Dialogue, Volume 43 – January 2009
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Nuevos Desarrollos en Sensores de Corriente en Medidores de Estado Solido  (pdf, 89 kB)
... La bobina Rogowski se ha utilizado durante mucho tiempo para mediciones de corriente de alto nivel. Gracias a las numerosas ventajas de esta tecnología, éste podría llegar a ser el sensor preferido en la próxima generación de medidores eléctricos.
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Solid State Solutions For Electricity Metrology  (pdf, 67 kB)
Significant changes are taking place in the electric energy industry worldwide. Deregulation of the utilities will produce a tougher competitive environment for the suppliers of electricity. Increased demand for electrical energy will require better management of distribution. Suppliers will need to identify ways of supplying a better level of service at a reduced cost. One way to do this is to install a solid state electricity meter.
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Tapping The Potential Of Electronic Energy Metering  (pdf, 63 kB)
by Rachel Kaplan, Analog Devices, Inc. ... Today's homes seem more modern than ever, with knobs and dials re-placed by buttons and digital displays. But outside, electricity meters use electromechanical Ferraris technology developed 100 years ago.
(The article originally appeared in Electronic Design's November 25, 2002 Analog & Power Vision Supplement)
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Energy Measurement Solutions  (pdf, 2002 kB) Overview PDF
ADE Product Family Overview  (pdf, 1390 kB)
The portfolio includes single-phase products and polyphase products for stepper motor and LCD display meter designs, with five critical measurements available: watt, V rms, I rms, VA, and VAR.
Overview PDF
Metering IC at ADI - Product Features
  • ADE7752  (pdf, 730 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7752 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
  • ADE7753  (pdf, 500 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7753 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
  • ADE7754  (pdf, 912 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7754 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
  • ADE7756  (pdf, 1252 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7756 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
  • ADE7758  (pdf, 1185 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7758 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
  • ADE7759  (pdf, 416 kB)
    Detailed Description of ADE7759 from Block Diagram to Key Specifications
Overview HTML
What are the benefits of the ADE energy metering devices? FAQs/RAQs HTML
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Analog Devices Energy (ADE) Products  (pdf, 656 kB) FAQs/RAQs PDF
RAQs index Rarely Asked Questions HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

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