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AD7760:  2.5 MSPS, 24-Bit, 100 dB Sigma-Delta ADC with On-Chip Buffer

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The AD7760 is a high performance, 24-bit Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It combines wide input bandwidth and high speed with the benefits of Σ-Δ conversion to achieve a performance of 100 dB SNR at 2.5 MSPS, making it ideal for high speed data acquisition. Wide dynamic range combined with significantly reduced antialiasing requirements simplify the design process. An integrated buffer to drive the reference, a differential amplifier for signal buffering and level shifting, an overrange flag, internal gain and offset registers, and a low-pass digital FIR filter make the AD7760 a compact, highly integrated data acquisition device requiring minimal peripheral component selection. In addition, the device offers programmable decimation rates, and the digital FIR filter can be adjusted if the default characteristics are not appropriate for the application. The AD7760 is ideal for applications demanding high SNR without a complex front-end signal processing design.

The differential input is sampled at up to 40 MSPS by an analog modulator. The modulator output is processed by a series of low-pass filters, with the final filter having default or user-programmable coefficients. The sample rate, filter corner frequencies, and output word rate are set by a combination of the external clock frequency and the configuration registers of the AD7760.

The reference voltage supplied to the AD7760 determines the analog input range. With a 4 V reference, the analog input range is ±3.2 V differential biased around a common mode of 2 V. This common-mode biasing can be achieved using the on-chip differential amplifier, further reducing the external signal conditioning requirements.

The AD7760 is available in an exposed paddle, 64-lead TQFP and is specified over the industrial temperature range from −40°C to +85°C.


  • Data acquisition systems
  • Vibration analysis
  • Instrumentation


  • Chinese data sheet available
  • 120 dB dynamic range at 78 kHz output data rate
  • 100 dB dynamic range at 2.5 MHz output data rate
  • 112 dB SNR at 78 kHz output data rate
  • 100 dB SNR at 2.5 MHz output data rate
  • 2.5 MHz maximum fully filtered output word rate
  • Fully differential modulator input
  • Programmable oversampling rate (8X to 256X)
  • On-chip differential amplifier for signal buffering
  • Low-pass finite impulse response (FIR) filter with default or user-programmable coefficients
  • Modulator output mode
  • Overrange alert bit
  • Digital offset and gain correction registers

Functional Block Diagram for AD7760


Title Content Type File Type
AD7760: 2.5 MSPS, 24-Bit, 100 dB Sigma-Delta ADC with On-Chip Buffer Data Sheet  (Rev A, 08/2006) (pdf, 912 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-311: How to Reliably Protect CMOS Circuits Against Power Supply Overvoltaging  (pdf, 217 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-282: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems  (pdf, 2131 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-342: Analog Signal-Handling for High Speed and Accuracy.  (pdf, 468 kB)
Signal handling techniques for optimizing DAC and ADC performance.
Application Notes PDF
AN-280: Mixed Signal Circuit Technologies  (pdf, 2101 kB)
Considers problems which arise when reality (& Murphy) intervene in a design which otherwise seems satisfactory in terms of theory and modeling.
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AN-389: Using Sigma-Delta Converters-Part 2  (pdf, 590 kB)
When to Use/How to Use Sigma-Delta ADCs; Continuation of Part 1 Discussion.
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AN-388: Using Sigma-Delta Converters-Part 1  (pdf, 590 kB)
When to Use/How to Use Sigma-Delta ADCs
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AN-283: Sigma-Delta ADCs and DACs  (pdf, 1699 kB)
Overview of Sigma-Delta Concepts: Oversampling, Noise Shaping Using the Sigma-Delta Modulator, Digital Filtering and Decimation.
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MS-2210: Designing Power Supplies for High Speed ADC  (pdf, 327 kB) Technical Articles PDF
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(eeProductCenter Reviews. 6/28/04)
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Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

Title Content Type File Type
Sigma-Delta ADC Tutorial
An interactive illustration showing the behavior of an idealized sigma-delta A/D converter.
Utilities and Conversions HTML

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Recommended Driver Amplifiers for the AD7760

  • For low noise and low power applications, we recommend the ADA4841-1.
  • For low noise, low power and low frequency, we recommend the OP184.
  • For low noise and high frequency, try the AD8021 or the dual AD8022.
  • For low power, low frequency, small package, we recommend the AD8519.
  • For high frequency and low power, we suggest the AD8031.
Recommended Voltage Reference for the AD7760
  • For high precision, ultralow noise and high output source and sink current, we recommend the ADR431 (2.5V reference) or the ADR434 (4.096V reference).
Recommended Power Solutions
  • For selecting voltage regulator products, use ADIsimPower.

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