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Purple digital EKG graph with stats Статья
Digital Healthcare Technology Pre- and Post-Pandemic
Fighting Disease with Ultra-Fast Testing Видео
Борьба с эпидемией с помощью сверхбыстрых медицинских анализов
Flexible Manufacturing Tech Highly Adaptable to Today's Evolving Challenges Видео
Универсальные промышленные технологии легко адаптируются для решения актуальных задач современности
A woman checking her blood glucose levels. Статья
The Personal Impact of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Technology
Factory worker in safety gear working at computers Статья
The Next Step In Manufacturing
Interactive in cabin display with battery charging details Статья
Longevity and the Battery Management System
scientist pipetting solution into eppi tube Статья
Combating Infectious Diseases Through Rapid Nanosensor Technology Diagnostics
girl drinking fresh water from glass Статья
Quenching Thirst With Energy Efficient Condition-Based Monitoring (CbM) Technology
electric car charging at public station Статья
Will Covid-19 Accelerate the Electrification Revolution?
Smart City Skyscrapers Статья
Connecting to Tomorrow With 5G Wireless Technology
Woman running on beach Статья
Thinking Smaller to Manage Diabetes with Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices (CGM)
Vehicle Electrification: Longer Range Faster Charge More Efficient Видео
Электрификация транспортных средств: больший запас хода, быстрая зарядка, увеличенный КПД
Powerlines on Blue Sky Статья
Renewable Energy Storage Systems for a Smarter Grid
Pervasive sensing: The thread running through Industry 4.0. Видео
Повсеместные измерения: нить, пронизывающая Индустрию 4.0
Electrifying the battery world with maximum efficiency. Видео
Электрификация аккумуляторных технологий с максимальной эффективностью
Delivering predictive insight to physicians. Видео
Предоставление врачам прогнозной информации
Creating the 5G technology for a mission-critical future. Видео
Creating the 5G Technology for a Mission-Critical Future
Communication towers on a hill at sunset Статья
Developing One of the World's First 5G Networks
aerial view of a coastline Статья
How Condition-based Monitoring (CbM) Technology Makes Desalination More Energy Efficient
Kevin Carlin & Ralph Szepanski Видео
От настоящего к будущему: ускоряя переход к Индустрии 4.0
earth and satellite Статья
Low Earth Orbit Satellites Providing Global Connectivity
Battery Formation & Test Видео
Analog Devices: Battery Formation & Test Capabilities
Small solar cell in mountain village Статья
Powering the World with Energy Storage Technology
Precision Battery Formation and Testing: Game-Changer for EVs Статья
Precision Battery Formation and Testing: Game-Changer for EVs