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Utilizing IO-Link in factory sensors allows remote configuration, communication, and real-time sensor diagnostics. Our IO-Link device transceivers are highly integrated, configurable, robust, low power, and have a small form factor, designed to meet the challenges of ever-shrinking IO-Link sensors. IO-Link utilizes a standardized interface that can replace traditional analog, binary, and serial RS232 interfaces with a convenient M12, 3-pin connection. In addition to the physical simplification of installation, IO-Link allows users to swap and replace sensors quickly and easily by enabling self-commissioning devices with automatic parameter setting. As the number and variety of IO-Link applications grows, we continue to expand our IO-Link and binary sensor driver portfolio including complete ecosystem reference designs, enabling ease of use and reduced time to market.

For the front-end sensing piece of the design, we can help to accelerate technology selection and implementation with our complete precision technology signal chains, which bring together more than 50 years of insight and expertise. Combining the proper tools, purpose-developed knowledge bases, and customizable solutions, our precision technology signal chains enable easy adaptation to meet the specific sensing modality requirements such as temperature, pressure, position sensing, and more.

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Enables remote sensor configuration and real-time diagnostics

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Simplifies sensor design

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Reduces factory downtime

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