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Field Instrument Systems

Analog Devices’ field instruments combine sensors, actuators, intelligent processing, and robust communications for the harshest of environments. These intelligent edge devices play a critical role in providing accurate and reliable data to and from the process control system, converting real-world signals such as temperature, level, flow, and pressure into actionable data and insights to improve product quality, increase productivity, lower maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, and avoid unplanned downtime. Backed by decades of experience, we are a trusted partner and leading provider of the key enabling technologies, including low-power sensing, precision measurement, digital processing, protection, power, security, and communication solutions to address the needs of Industry 4.0.


Value and Benefits

Offering the industry’s highest performance, lowest power, and most complete sensor interface and measurement solutions, we enable system designers to develop platform solutions that accelerate time to market while reducing BOM management and cost of support. With a broad range of highly integrated, ultra-low power, secure Arm® based microcontrollers, our products allow for the flexible design of field instruments, including Bluetooth® connectivity in process devices. With our comprehensive portfolio of communication solutions, we support both legacy analog 4-20mA and high-bandwidth, seamless Ethernet connectivity to field devices over single-pair Ethernet (SPE) cables. To address IEC62443 and the latest cyber-security regulations, we supply ultralow-power industrial microcontrollers with enhanced security features and the lowest power secure authenticator solutions. Our high-performance power management solutions meet stringent field instrument power requirements while our micropower digital isolator, power supply monitors, and microprocessor supervisory products are ideal for power and space-constrained designs. As a pioneer in ultralow-power AI acceleration, we provide a series of award-winning microcontrollers with CNN acceleration capability to enable AI at the edge in power-constrained field instrument designs.

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Offers an easy turnkey means to ensure hardware root of trust and end-to-end security

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Supports AI integration in power- and space-constrained designs

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Enables high-bandwidth, seamless Ethernet connectivity to field devices over single-pair Ethernet (SPE) cables

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