ClearSignal – Auto™

ClearSignal-Auto™ is a package of Software IP, which provides multimode Digital Broadcasting capability in an automotive receiver. Executing on a Blackfin processor by Analog Devices, this is a Software Defined Radio proven solution that has been deployed, amongst others, in high-end German automotive cars.

clearsignalAutoClearSignal-Auto was designed to be included in the modern infotainment environment, where the digital receiver is part of a high-tech system and connected to other hardware and sensors, such as mobile phones, navigation and downloaded content.

ClearSignal-Auto can be extended to support a dual-tuner on a single processor, thus performing simultaneously in same band or in two different bands, such as DAB and DRM. It can be used for example for listening to one DAB audio service, while decoding TPEG traffic information or another DAB data service, or for Diversity Reception.

Key Features

  • Optimal resource usage of Blackfin enables CPU sharing with other applications
  • Software Defined Radio enables the flexibility of updates and upgrades on existing hardware
  • iDAB API - Comprehensive set of functions enables bin integration with customer software
  • Supports multiple Digital Radio Broadcasting standards - DAB, DAB+, DMB-TS, DRM, with HD Radio and ISDB on the roadmap
  • DCP sets of basic and extended protocol enables control and communication of the Blackfin platform from the host, both human and at the machine level
  • Adaptable to practically any standard or proprietary tuner through a built-in abstraction layer
  • Dual-Tuner on single DSP
  • Extended customer support and sharing knowledge, including ATP and test vectors

Broadcasting Standards Supported

  • DAB (Europe, Australia, etc. - ETSI EN 300 401) and DAB+ (ETSI TS 102 563 v1.1.1)
  • T-DMB (Korea TTAS.KO-07.0026 and Europe ETSI TS 102 427 / 428)
  • DRM (ETSI TS 101 980)

Main Benefits

  • Dedicated and proven solution for the Automotive environment
  • Produces high-performance receivers
  • Rapid design cycle
  • Fast and easy integration for a large range of system configurations
  • Cost-effective (low BOM of the end product)
  • Integration services at customer site

Key Application Area

  • Car Telematics - Mobile Entertainment/Digital Radio

Short Description of Platform

Designed to be quickly and efficiently integrated into an existing system already based on ADI's Blackfin processor, the innovative ClearSignal-Auto maximizes the usage efficiency of the existing hardware resources (DSP and memory), thus leaving a sufficient amount for the existing applications. ClearSignal-Auto can be used on either a single Blackfin processor or in a multiple-chip configuration and the result is a fast and cost-effective development cycle.

A complete Digital Radio solution executed on a single Blackfin comprises:

  • ClearSignal Baseband Decoders
  • ClearSignal Audio Decoders (MPEG-2 Layer II, MP3, BSAC, HE-AAC and MP3)
  • Customer’s applications



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