Product Details

Evaluation circuit EVAL-LTC7891-AZ features the LTC®7891: a 100V Step-Down Synchronous GaN FET controller. The LTC7891 is specifically designed to drive up to 100V GaN FETs safely and easily through internally optimized bootstrap switches and smart dead time control. Split gate drivers allow for easily adjustable turn-on and turn-off of FETs. Additionally, the IC features low IQ, up to 3MHz programmable/synchronizable switching frequency, spread spectrum, and a small 28-lead (4mm x 5mm) side wettable QFN package. These features allow for a wide variety of applications including industrial, military, medical, and telecommunications systems.

The EVAL-LTC7891-AZ operates from a 15V to 72V input voltage range and generates a 12V, 20A output. The LTC7891 has a precision voltage reference which can generate an output voltage with 2% tolerance over the full operating conditions. The EVAL-LTC7891-AZ is set to 500kHz switching frequency, which results in a small and efficient circuit. The converter achieves over 96% efficiency with 20A load at full operating VIN, with a peak efficiency of over 99%.

This board can be easily modified to regulate output voltages from 0.8V to 60V. The evaluation circuit has been specially designed with 100V EPC GaN FET form factor. Various FETs of similar footprint can be replaced to fit a wide array of applications.

The EVAL-LTC7891-AZ provides a high-performance cost-effective solution for generating a 12V output. The LTC7891 data sheet gives a complete description of this part, its operation, and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with this user guide for EVAL-LTC7891-AZ. Design files for this circuit board are available at www.analog.com.