Features and Benefits

  • Simple power connection using 6 V wall adapter and on-board voltage regulators.
    Multiple power configurations to evaluate performance with buck regulators and/or LDO regulators.
  • Prepopulated VCXO with universal pad.
    Universal pad allows for various VCXO package sizes to be used and evaluated.
  • 2 reference input SMA connectors
  • 2 ac-coupled single-ended SMA output connectors (2 differential paths)
  • 12 ac-coupled differential SMA output connectors (6 differential paths)
  • SYSREF SMA connectors for:
    External SYSREF - External SYSREF Request
  • USB connection to PC
  • Microsoft Windows-based evaluation s

Product Details

The AD9528 evaluation board is a compact, easy-to-use platform for evaluating all features of the AD9528 JESD204B Clock Generator. The AD9528 is a dual loop jitter cleaner and clock generator with internal SYSREF generator compliant with JEDEC JESD204B for multi-device synchronization. The AD9528 can output up to 14 clock signals, with any output configurable to PLL1direct out, PLL2, or SYSREF. 8 total outputs, 2 reference inputs, and a SYSREF input are accessible on the evaluation board. The AD9528/PCBZ has a fully configurable power supply to allow the user to evaluate the AD9528 while being powered directly by buck regulators or external LDOs.


Evaluation Software

52.96 M
AD9528 Evaluation Software Full Installer (Rev.
This evaluation software full installer includes Microsoft .NET Framework. The software is 32-bit/64-bit compatible.
4.54 M
AD9528 Evaluation Software Web Installer (Rev.
This evaluation software web installer does not include Microsoft .NET Framework. An internet connection is required to download Microsoft .NET Framework. The software is 32-bit/64-bit compatible.
7.35 M
Evaluation Board USB Flash Programmer
Contains the EXE file for re-flashing the USB EEPROM.