Features and Benefits

  • ADSP-SC573 400-pin 17x17mm BGA
  • 2Gb DDR3 Memory
  • 128 Mb SPI Flash
  • 2 x Ethernet (1x 10/100, 1x GigE)
  • ADAU1979 quad ADC
  • ADAU1962A 12 channel 24-bit DAC
  • ADAU1977 quad ADC with diagnostics
  • SPDIF in/out, optical & coax
  • UART
  • 2 CAN transceivers + RJ11 connectors
  • SD/MMC memory connector
  • HADC
  • EI3 Expansion Interface
  • CrossCore® Embedded Studio EZ-KIT license and ICE-1000 emulator

Product Details

The ADSP-SC573 processor is a member of the SHARC® family of products. The ADSP-SC573 processor is based on the SHARC+ dual-core and the arm® Cortex-A5TM core. The ADSP-SC573 SHARC processor is a member of the SIMD SHARC family of DSPs that feature Analog Devices Super Harvard Architecture. These 32-bit/40- bit/64-bit floating-point processors are optimized for high performance audio/floating-point applications with their large onchip SRAM, multiple internal buses to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, and innovative digital audio interfaces (DAI). New enhancements to the SHARC+ core add cache enhancements, branch prediction, and other instruction set improvements—all while maintaining instruction set compatibility to previous SHARC products. The EZ-KIT ships with all of the necessary hardware to get you up and running and start the evaluation immediately

Markets and Technologies

Applicable Parts

Package Contents

The  ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board package contains the following items:

  • ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board PCB
  • Universal 5V DC power
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB A to micro B cable
  • USB micro A to A receptacle cable
  • ICE-1000
  • Standoffs and screws in a bag
  • Release note
  • 2GB SD card

System Requirements

Verify that your PC has these minimum requirements for the CCES installation:

  • 2 GHz single core processor; 3.3GHz dual core or better recommended
  • 4 GB RAM; 8GB or more recommended
  • 2 GB available disk space
  • One open USB port

Note: Please see the CrossCore® Embedded Studio Release Notes for the latest information about System Requirements.



Operating Systems and Middleware
Analog Devices, in collaboration with several Alliance partners, provides the following operating system and middleware offerings to enable a user-friendly programming environment for applications developed using the Blackfin® and SHARC® processor families. These real-time kernels and services software seamlessly integrate with CrossCore® Embedded Studio.

Product Downloads

ADSP-SC5XX Board Support Package - Current Release (Rev. 2.0.2)

Software Development Tools

CrossCore Utilities provides several utilities for use with Cortex-M processors. These utilities have previously been distributed within various Board Support Packages for the IAR and Keil toolchains, and are collected together in this product for convenient maintenance.

CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the ADI Blackfin®, SHARC® and Arm® processor families.


FreeRTOS for Analog Devices Processors is a Real Time Operating System for Analog Devices Processors.
OBSOLETE: The Lightweight TCP/IP (lwIP) Stack for CrossCore Embedded Studio is an implementation of this widely accepted TCP/IP stack for embedded platforms supporting most of the networking protocols in the TCP/IP suite.
Linux kernel and development tools for the ADSP-SC5xx processor family

The Tuxera (HCC) USB stacks are mature, widely-used stacks that can support almost any desired USB configuration.

The Tuxera (HCC) TCP/IP stack provides all main protocols and supports both IPv4 and IPv6

The Tuxera (HCC) FAT file system is full-featured and optimized for use in embedded applications that need to attach FAT 12/16/32-compliant media to a product.

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