Product Details

The AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ is an add on board for the FMCOMMS2/3/4/5 boards which contain the AD9361. While the complete chip level design package can be found on the ADI product pages, information regarding the board itself, how to use it and the design package that surrounds it, can be found on the Analog wiki site.

The purpose of the AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ is to boost the transmit and receive signal to improve the dynamic range and increate the output power of the AD9361 around 2.45GHz which is what the board is tuned for.

Getting Started

To start using the AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ, all you need is a 12V supply, if you already have the AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ [or AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ, AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ, AD-FMCOMMS5-EBZ] setup and running. First things first, you must connect the 3 pin keyed header on the AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ board as shown on the wiki page. Then plug the power cable from the FMCOMMS2 to the TRXBOOST1. Finally using male to male SMA adapters connect the SMAs between the FMCOMMS2/3/4/5 and TRXBOOST1 boards and you are good to go.

AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ User Guide (wiki)

System Requirements

The AD-TRXBOOST1-EBZ board kit, the FMCOMMS2/3/4/5 and an FPGA board. There is no software needed for the TRXBOOST1 board.

Documentation & Resources