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Airflow and Temperature Sensor

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The TMP12 is a silicon-based airflow and temperature sensor designed to be placed in the same airstream as heat generating components that require cooling. Fan cooling may be required continuously, or during peak power demands, e.g. for a power supply, and if the cooling systems fails, system reliability and/or safety may be impaired. By monitoring temperature while emulating a power IC, the TMP12 can provide a warning of cooling system failure.

The TMP12 generates an internal voltage that is linearly proportional to Celsius (Centigrade) temperature, nominally 15 µV/°C. The linearized output is compared with voltages from an external resistive divider connected to the TMP12's 2.5 V precision reference. The divider sets up one or two reference voltages, as required by the user, providing one or two temperature setpoints. Comparator outputs are open-collector transistors able to sink over 20 µA. There is an on-board hysteresis generator provided to speed up the temperature-setpoint output transitions, this also reduces erratic output transitions in noisy environments. Hysteresis is programmed by the external resistor chain and is determined by the total current drawn from the 2.5 V reference. The TMP12 airflow sensor also incorporates a precision, low temperature coefficient 100 Ohm heater resistor that may be connected directly to an external 5 V supply. When the heater is activated it raises the die temperature in the DIP package approximately 20°C above ambient (in still air). The purpose of the heater in the TMP12 is to emulate a power IC, such as a regulator or Pentium CPU which has a high internal dissipation.

When subjected to a fast airflow, the package and die temperatures of the power device and the TMP12 (if located in the same airstream) will be reduced by an amount proportional to the rate of airflow. The internal temperature rise of the TMP12 may be reduced by placing a resistor in series with the heater, or reducing the heater voltage.

The TMP12 is intended for single 5 V supply operation, but will operate on a 12 V supply. The heater is designed to operate from 5 V only. Specified temperature range is from -40°C to +125°C, operation extends to +150°C at 5 V with reduced accuracy.

The TMP12 is available in 8-pin plastic DIP and SO packages.

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