1.8V, DirectDrive Video Filter Amplifier with Load Detection and Dual SPST Analog Switches

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Ultra-Low-Power, Built-In Load-Detect Feature Intelligently Detects and Reports Change of Video Output Load Status

Part Details
  • 1.8V or 2.5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Low Power Consumption (5.8mW Quiescent, 11.7mW Average)
  • Video Load Detection
  • DirectDrive Sets Video Output Black Level Near Ground
  • Dual SPST Analog Switches
  • Transparent Input Sync-Tip Clamp
  • I²C Control
Additional Details
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The MAX9507 amplifies and filters standard-definition video signals and only consumes 5.8mW quiescent power and 11.7mW average power. The MAX9507 leverages Maxim's DirectDrive™ technology to generate a clean, internal negative supply. Combining the internal negative power supply with the external positive 1.8V supply, the MAX9507 is able to drive a 2VP-P video signal into a 150Ω load.

The MAX9507 provides an I²C interface for easy configuration and access to the load status. The MAX9507 can detect, report, and act upon the change of a video load. This feature helps reduce overall power consumption by allowing the system to turn on the video encoder and driver only when a video load is connected to the MAX9507.

With a high power-supply rejection ratio (47dB at 100kHz), the MAX9507 can be powered directly from a 1.8V digital supply. The two integrated single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switches are ideal for routing audio, video, or digital signals.

The input of the MAX9507 can be directly connected to the output of a video DAC. The MAX9507 also features a transparent input sync-tip clamp, allowing AC-coupling of input signals with different DC biases.

The MAX9507 has an internal fixed gain of 8. The input full-scale video signal is nominally 0.25VP-P, and the output full-scale video signal is nominally 2VP-P.


  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Media Players (PMP)

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