17µA Max, Dual Quad, Single-Supply, Precision Op Amps

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Part Details
  • 17µA Max Supply Current (MAX478A/MAX479A)
  • 70µV Max Offset Voltage (MAX478A)
  • Single-Supply Operation:
    • Input Voltage Range Includes Ground
    • Output Swings to Ground While Sinking Current
    • No Pull-Down Resistors Required
  • Dual Op Amp in 8-Pin DIP/SO Package (MAX478)
  • Quad Op Amp in 14-Pin DIP/SO Package (MAX479)
  • 250pA Max Input Offset Current (MAX478A/MAX479A)
  • 0.5µV/°C Offset-Voltage Drift
  • Output Sources and Sinks 5mA Load Current
Additional Details
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The MAX478 and MAX479 are dual and quad micro-power, precision op amps available in 8-pin and 14-pin DIP and small-outline packages, respectively. Both devices feature an extremely low, 17µA max supply current per op amp, 70µV max offset voltage, 2.2µV/°C max offset voltage drift (0.5µV/°C typ), and 250pA max input offset current.

The MAX478 and MAX479 operate from a single supply. The input voltage range includes ground, and the output swings to within a few millivolts of ground, which eliminates pull-down resistors and saves power.

Both devices are optimized for single 3V and 5V supply operation, with guaranteed specifications at each supply voltage. Specifications for ±15V operation are also provided.


  • Battery- or Solar-Powered Portable Instrumentation Systems
  • Battery- or Solar-Powered Remote Sensor Amplifier Systems
  • Battery- or Solar-Powered Satellite Circuitry Systems
  • Micropower Filters
  • Micropower Sample-and-Hold
  • Single-Cell Li+ Powered Systems
  • Thermocouple Amplifiers

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