1-Input/4-Output Video Distribution Amplifiers

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Part Details
  • Fixed Gain of 2V/V (MAX4137)
  • External Gain Set (MAX4138)
  • High Speed:
    • 185MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4137)
    • 140MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4138)
    • 1000V/µs Slew Rate
  • High Full-Power Bandwidths (VOUT = 2Vp-p):
    • 185MHz (MAX4137)
    • 140MHz (MAX4138)
  • 0.1dB Gain Flatness to 40MHz
  • Low Differential Gain/Phase Error: 0.10%/0.02°
  • High-Impedance Output Disable
Additional Details
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The MAX4137/MAX4138 are 1-input/4-output voltage-feedback amplifiers that combine high speed with fast switching for video distribution applications. The MAX4137 is internally set for a closed-loop gain of 2V/V, while the MAX4138 can be externally set for gains of 2V/V or greater.

The MAX4137 achieves a -3dB bandwidth of 185MHz, with 0.1dB gain flatness to 40MHz. The MAX4138's -3dB bandwidth is 140MHz, with 0.1dB gain flatness to 40MHz. Both devices deliver a 1000V/µs slew rate, as well as exceptional full-power bandwidths of 185MHz and 140MHz, respectively.

A 25ns channel switching time enables rapid multiplexing for picture-in-picture applications, yet maintains a high off-isolation of 75dB and all-hostile crosstalk of -50dB (f = 30MHz). The MAX4137/MAX4138's on-board logic selects any combination of the four signal outputs. Each output is capable of swinging ±2V and delivering up to 65mA of current.

For applications that require a 1-input/6-output distribution amplifier, see the MAX4135/MAX4136 data sheet.


  • Composite Video Preamplifiers
  • High-Resolution RGB CRT Monitors
  • High-Speed Analog Bus Drivers
  • RF Signal Processing
  • Video Switching and Distribution

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