Features and Benefits

  • Improved Second Source (MAX160)
  • Fast Conversion Time: 4μus (MAX160), 15μs (MX7574)
  • No Missing Codes Over Temperature
  • Single +5V Supply
  • Ratiometric Operation
  • No External Clock Necessary
  • Easy Interface To Microprocessors

Product Details

The MAX160 and MX7574 are low cost, microprocessor compatible 8 bit analog-to-digital converters which use the successive-approximation technique to achieve conversion times of 4μs (MAX160) and 15μs (MX7574).

The A/Ds are designed to easily interface with microprocessors by appearing as a memory location or I/O port without the need for external interfacing logic. Data outputs use latched, three-state buffer circuitry to allow direct connection to a microprocessor data bus or system input port. Operation is simplified by an on-chip clock, +5V power supply requirement, and low supply current (5mA max).

The MAX160 provides major performance improvements over the AD7574 in accuracy and speed specifications as well as compatibility with TTL logic levels.


  • Avionics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Instrumentation
  • Process Automation
  • Telecommunications

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