Features and Benefits

  • Four Simultaneous-Sampling T/H Amplifiers with Two Multiplexed Inputs (Eight Single-Ended Inputs Total)
  • 2µs Conversion Time per Channel
  • Throughput:
    • 390ksps (1 Channel)
    • 218ksps (2 Channels)
    • 152ksps (3 Channels)
    • 116ksps (4 Channels)
  • Input Range: ±5V (MAX115)
    • ±2.5V (MAX116)
  • Fault-Protected Input Multiplexer (±17V)
  • Internal +2.5V or External Reference Operation
  • Programmable On-Board Sequencer
  • High-Speed Parallel DSP Interface
  • Internal 10MHz Clock

Product Details

The MAX115/MAX116 are high-speed, multichannel, 12-bit data-acquisition systems (DAS) with simultaneous track/holds (T/Hs). These devices contain a 12-bit, 2µs, successive-approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a +2.5V reference, a buffered reference input, and a bank of four simultaneous-sampling T/H amplifiers that preserve the relative phase information of the sampled inputs. The MAX115/MAX116 have two multiplexed inputs for each T/H, allowing a total of eight inputs. In addition, the converter is overvoltage tolerant to ±17V. A fault condition on any channel will not damage the IC. Available input ranges are ±5V (MAX115) and ±2.5V (MAX116).

The parallel interface's data access and bus release timing specifications are compatible with most popular digital signal processors and 16-bit/32-bit microprocessors. The MAX115/MAX116 conversion results can be accessed without resorting to wait-states.


  • Automatic Utility Meter Reading
  • Automotive ABS
  • Industrial Sensor Transmitters/Transducers
  • Motor and Motion Control
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

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