500ksps, 12-/10-Bit, 4-/8-/16-Channel ADCs with Post-Mux External Signal Conditioning Access

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Most Flexible Family of Pin-/Software-Compatible, 500ksps, Multichannel ADCs with External Reference

Part Details
  • Highly Integrated Precision ADC Saves Space While Retaining Flexibility
    • ±1 LSB INL, ±1 LSB DNL, No Missing Codes
    • 70dB SINAD at 100kHz
    • 500ksps Conversion Rate with No Pipeline Delay
  • Analog Multiplexer with True Differential Track/Hold: Any Combination of Single-Ended, Differential and Pseudo-Differential Input Pin Pairs Allowed
    • 16-/8-/4-Channel Single-Ended
    • 12-/8-/4-Channel Fully-Differential Pairs
    • 15-/8-/4-Channel Pseudo-Differential Relative to a Common Input
  • Two Software-Selectable Bipolar Input Ranges: ±VREF+/2, ±VREF+
  • External Differential Reference (1V to VDD)
  • 32-Pin, 5mm x 5mm TQFN Package
  • SampleSet™ Technology Brings Extreme Flexibility to Program Input Configurations Per Channel and Sampling Sequence to Optimize Interface to the Microcontroller
    • User-Defined Channel Sequence with Maximum Length of 256
    • Scan Modes, Internal Averaging, and Internal Clock
    • 16-Entry First-In/First-Out (FIFO)
  • Post-Mux Signal Access Allows for External Signal Conditioning Between the Mux and the ADC Even for Differential Signals
    • Externally Accessible Multiplex Output and ADC Input
  • Low-Power Consumption Extends Battery Life for Portable Applications
    • 1.5V to 3.6V Digital I/O Supply Voltage
    • 2.35V to 3.6V Supply Voltage
    • 4.2mW at 500ksps with 3V Supplies
    • 2µA Full-Shutdown Current
  • Easy to Interface with Most Microcontrollers
    • 16MHz, 3-Wire SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/DSP-Compatible Serial Interface
Additional Details
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The MAX11335–MAX11340 are 12-/10-bit with external reference and 500kHz, full-linear-bandwidth, high-speed, low-power, serial-output successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). MAX11335–MAX11340 provide external access to the output of the integrated mux and ADC input, to simplify conditioning. MAX11335–MAX11340 include both internal and external clock modes. These devices feature scan mode in both internal and external clock modes. The internal clock mode features internal averaging to increase SNR. The external clock mode features the SampleSet™ technology, a user-programmable analog input channel sequencer. The SampleSet approach provides greater sequencing flexibility for multichannel applications while alleviating significant microcontroller or DSP (controlling unit) communication overhead.

External pins provide access to the output of the multiplexer and ADC inputs to simplify multichannel signal conditioning. The internal clock mode features an integrated FIFO allowing data to be sampled at high speeds and then held for readout at any time or at a lower clock rate. Internal averaging is also supported in internal clock mode improving SNR for noisy input signals. The devices feature analog input channels that can be configured to be single-ended inputs, fully differential pairs, or pseudo-differential inputs with respect to one common input. The MAX11321–MAX11328 operate from a 2.35V to 3.6V supply and consume only 4.2mW at 500ksps.

The MAX11335–MAX11340 include AutoShutdown™, fast wake-up, and a high-speed 3-wire serial interface. The devices feature full power-down mode for optimal power management. The 8MHz, 3-wire serial interface directly connects to SPI, QSPI™, and MICROWIRE® devices without external logic.

Excellent dynamic performance, low voltage, low power, ease of use, and small package size make these converters ideal for portable battery-powered data-acquisition applications, and for other applications that demand low power consumption and small space.

The MAX11335–MAX11340 are available in 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm, TQFN packages and operate over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range. 


  • Battery-Powered Instruments
  • High-Speed Closed-Loop Systems
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Portable Systems

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