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650MHz Gain of 1 Triple Video Buffer

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Part Details
  • 650MHz -3dB Small Signal Bandwidth
  • 400MHz -3dB 2VP-P Large Signal Bandwidth
  • 100MHz ±0.1dB Bandwidth
  • High Slew Rate: 2500V/µs
  • Fixed Gain of 1 Requires No External Resistors
  • 90dB Channel Separation at 10MHz
  • 60dB Channel Separation at 100MHz
  • -82dBc 2nd Harmonic Distortion at 10MHz, 2VP-P
  • -96dBc 3rd Harmonic Distortion at 10MHz, 2VP-P
  • Low Supply Current: 8mA per Amplifier
  • 6ns 0.1% Settling Time for 2V Step
  • TTL Compatible Enable: ISS ≤ 100µA When Disabled
  • Differential Gain of 0.022%, Differential Phase of 0.006°
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2.25V (4.5V) to ±6V (12V)
  • Available in 16-Lead SSOP Package
Additional Details
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The LT6554 is a high-speed triple video buffer with an internally fixed gain of 1. The individual buffers are optimized for performance with a 1k load and feature a 2VPP full signal bandwidth of 400MHz, making them ideal for driving very high-resolution video signals. Separate power supply pins for each amplifier boost channel separation to 90dB, allowing the LT6554 to excel in many high speed applications.

While the performance of the LT6554 is optimized for dual supply operation, it can also be used on a single supply as low as 4.5V. Using dual 5V supplies, each amplifier draws only 8mA. When disabled, the amplifiers draw less than 100µA and the outputs become high impedance. Furthermore, the amplifiers are capable of turning on in less than 50ns, making them suitable for multiplexing and portable applications.

The LT6554 is manufactured on a proprietary low voltage complementary bipolar process and is available in the 16-lead SSOP package that fits in the same PCB area as an SO-8 package.


  • RGB Buffers
  • A/D Drivers
  • LCD Projectors

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LT6554CGN | Triple High Speed Video Buffer, V+ = 3.3V to 5V, V– = –3.3V to –5V

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