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2uA Max, Av ≥ 5 Quad Over-The-Top Precision Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amps

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Part Details
  • Gain of 5 Stable
  • Low Supply Current: 2µA Max per Amplifier
  • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
  • Low Offset Voltage: 375µV Max
  • Over-The-Top Inputs Operate Above V+
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 12kHz
  • Wide Supply Range: 2.2V to 36V
  • Single Supply Input Range: –0.3V to 36V
  • Low Input Bias Current: 250pA
  • Low Input Offset Current: 20pA
  • High AVOL : 100V/mV Minimum Driving 100kΩ Load
  • Output Sources and Sinks 500µA Load Current
  • Reverse Battery Protected to 18V
Additional Details
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The LT1672/LT1673/LT1674 are ultralow power (IS ≤ 2µA) decompompensated (AV ≥ 5) op amps with precision specifications. The extremely low supply current is combineed with excellent amplifier specifications: input offset voltage is 375µV maximum with atypicaal drift of only 0.4µV/°C, input offset current is 100pA maximum. A minimum open-loop gain (AVOL) of 100V/mV ensures that gain errors are small. The devices' characteristics change little over the supply range of 2.2V to ±15V. Supply rejection is 90dB and the common mode rejection ratio is 90dB. Operation is specified for 3V, 5V and ±15V supplies. Reverse battery protection (-18V min) and inputs that operate above the positive supply make the LT1672/LT1673/LT1674 easy to use in harsh environments.

The low bias currents and offset current of the amplifier permit the use of megohm level source resistors without introducing significant errors. Voltage noise at 4µVP-P is remarkably low considering the low supply current. For unity gain stable versions of these amplifiers, see the LT1494/LT1495/LT1496.

The LT1672 is available in the 8-pin MSOP, PDIP and SO packages. The LT1673 is available in plastic 8-pin PDIP and SO-8 packages with the standard dual op amp pinout. The LT1674 is available in 14-pin PDIP and SO packages.


  • Battery- or Solar-Powered Systems
  • Portable Instrumentation
  • Remote Sensor Amplifier
  • Micropower Filter
  • Photodiode Amplifier
  • High Impedance Circuits

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