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Quad 100MHz Current Feedback Amplifiers

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Part Details
  • 100MHz Bandwidth
  • 1000V/µs Slew Rate
  • Low Cost
  • 30mA Output Drive Current
  • 0.04% Differential Gain
  • 0.1° Differential Phase
  • High Input Impedance: 25MΩ, 3pF
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2V to ±15V
  • Low Supply Current: 6mA Per Amplifier
  • Inputs Common Mode to Within 1.5V of Supplies
  • Outputs Swing Within 0.8V of Supplies
Additional Details
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The LT1229/LT1230 dual and quad 100MHz current feedback amplifiers are designed for maximum performance in small packages. Using industry standard pinouts, the dual is available in the 8-pin miniDIP and the 8-pin SO package while the quad is in the 14-pin DIP and 14-pin SO. The amplifiers are designed to operate on almost any available supply voltage from 4V (±2V) to 30V (±15V).

These current feedback amplifiers have very high input impedance and make excellent buffer amplifiers. They maintain their wide bandwidth for almost all closed-loop voltage gains. The amplifiers drive over 30mA of output current and are optimized to drive low impedance loads, such as cables, with excellent linearity at high frequencies.

The LT1229/LT1230 are manufactured on a proprietary complementary bipolar process. For a single amplifier like these see the LT1227 and for better DC accuracy see the LT1223.


  • Video Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Cable Drivers
  • RGB Amplifiers
  • Test Equipment Amplifiers

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