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23MHz, 50V/µs, Single Supply Quad Precision Op Amps

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Part Details
  • Slew Rate: 50V/µs Typ
  • Gain-Bandwidth Product: 23MHz Typ
  • Fast Settling to 0.01%
    • 2V Step to 200µV: 250ns Typ
    • 10V Step to 1mV: 480ns Typ
  • Excellent DC Precision in All Packages
    • Input Offset Voltage: 450µV Max
    • Input Offset Voltage Drift: 10µV/°C Max
    • Input Offset Current: 120nA Max
    • Input Bias Current: 600nA Max
    • Open-Loop Gain: 1000V/mV Min
  • Single Supply Operation
    • Input Voltage Range Includes Ground
    • Output Swings to Ground While Sinking Current
  • Low Input Noise Voltage: 12.5nV/√Hz Typ
  • Low Input Noise Current: 0.5pA/√Hz Typ
  • Specified on 3.3V, 5V and ±15V
  • Large Output Drive Current: 30mA Min
  • Low Supply Current per Amplifier: 6.6mA Max
  • Dual in 8-Pin DIP and SO-8
  • Quad in 14-Pin DIP and NARROW SO-16
Additional Details
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The LT1215 is a dual, single supply precision op amp with a 23MHz gain-bandwidth product and a 50V/µs slew rate. The LT1216 is a quad version of the same amplifier. The DC precision of the LT1215/LT1216 eliminates trims in most systems while providing high frequency performance not usually found in single supply amplifiers.

The LT1215/LT1216 will operate on any supply greater than 2.5V and less than 36V total. These amplifiers are specified on single 3.3V, single 5V and ±15V supplies, and only require 5mA of quiescent supply current per amplifier. The inputs can be driven beyond the supplies without damage or phase reversal of the output. The minimum output drive is 30mA, ideal for driving low impedance loads.

Note: For applications requiring less slew rate, see the LT1211/LT1212 and LT1213/LT1214 data sheets.


  • 2.5V Full-Scale 12-Bit Systems: VOS ­ < 0.75 LSB
  • 10V Full-Scale 16-Bit Systems: VOS ­ < 3 LSB
  • Active Filters
  • Photo Diode Amplifiers
  • DAC Current to Voltage Amplifiers
  • Battery-Powered Systems

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