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Quad 45MHz, 400V/µs Op Amps

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Part Details
  • 45MHz Gain-Bandwidth
  • 400V/µs Slew Rate
  • Unity-Gain Stable
  • 7V/mV DC Gain, RL = 500Ω
  • 3mV Maximum Input Offset Voltage
  • ±12V Minimum Output Swing into 500Ω
  • Wide Supply Range: ±2.5V to ±15V
  • 7mA Supply Current per Amplifier
  • 90ns Settling Time to 0.1%, 10V Step
  • Drives All Capacitive Loads
Additional Details
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The LT1208/LT1209 are dual and quad very high speed operational amplifiers with excellent DC performance.The LT1208/LT1209 feature reduced input offset voltage and higher DC gain than devices with comparable bandwidth and slew rate. Each amplifier is a single gain stage with outstanding settling characteristics. The fast settling time makes the circuit an ideal choice for data acquisition systems. Each output is capable of driving a 500Ω load to ±12V with ±15V supplies and a 150Ω load to ±3V on ±5V supplies. The amplifiers are also capable of driving large capacitive loads which make them useful in buffer or cable driver applications.

The LT1208/LT1209 are members of a family of fast, high performance amplifiers that employ advanced bipolar complementary processing.


  • Wideband Amplifiers
  • Buffers
  • Active Filters
  • Video and RF Amplification
  • Cable Drivers
  • Data Acquisition Systems

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