Features and Benefits

  • 1µA to 10mA Operation
  • 0.02%/V Regulation
  • 0.8V to 30V Operating Voltage
  • Can Be Used as Linear Temperature Sensor
  • Draws No Reverse Current
  • Supplied in Standard Transistor Packages

Product Details

Most H (Metal Can), J (Ceramic), and K (Metal Can) Packages Are Now Obsolete

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The LM134 is a three-terminal current source designed to operate at current levels from 1µA to 10mA, as set by an external resistor. The device operates as a true two-terminal current source, requiring no extra power connections or input signals. Regulation is typically 0.02%/V and terminal-to-terminal voltage can range from 800mV to 40V.

Because the operating current is directly proportional to absolute temperature in degrees Kelvin, the device will also find wide applications as a temperature sensor. The temperature dependence of the operating current is 0.336%/°C at room temperature. For example, a device operating at 298µA will have a temperature coefficient of 1µA/°C. The temperature dependence is extremely accurate and repeatable. Devices specified as temperature sensors in the 100µA to 1mA range are the LM134-3, LM234-3 and the LM134-6, LM234-6, with the dash numbers indicating ±3°C and ±6°C accuracies, respectively.

If a zero temperature coefficient current source is required, this is easily achieved by adding a diode and a resistor.


  • Current Mode Temperature Sensing
  • Constant Current Source for Shunt References
  • Cold Junction Compensation
  • Constant-Gain Bias for Bipolar Differential Stage
  • Micropower Bias Networks
  • Buffer for Photoconductive Cell
  • Current Limiter

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