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Operational Amplifiers

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Part Details
  • 30 Volt Differential Input Range
  • 75 nA Input Bias Current
  • Wide Common Mode Voltage Range
Additional Details
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The LM101A and LM107 are general purpose operational amplifiers, featuring low bias current and the ability to operate with high input differential voltages up to 30 Volts. Unlike many FET input amplifiers, the output of the LM101A/107 does not reverse if the common mode range is exceeded, making them particularly useful in comparator and oscillator circuits.

The LM101A uses external compensation, allowing the frequency response and slew rate to be optimized for the application. The LM107 is identical to the LM101A with the exception that the compensation capacitor is internal. Linear's LM101A and LM107 include improved design and processing techniques resulting in superior long term stability and reliability over previous devices. The curve of bias current versus differential input voltage indicates that a minimal change in input current occurs over a wide range of input signal, which is important in many applications.


  • Signal Conditioning Amplifiers
  • Voltage Followers
  • Comparators

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