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Dual Precision JFET Input Operational Amplifiers

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Part Details
  • OBSOLETE PRODUCT Data Sheet For Reference Only
  • Internally Trimmed Offset Voltage 1mV Max.
  • Offset Voltage Drift 10µV/°C Max.
  • High Slew Rate 10V/µS Min.
  • Wide Bandwidth 3.5MHz Min.
  • Low Supply Current per Amplifier 1.8mA Typ.
  • Low Input Bias Current 10pA Typ.
  • Standard 8-Pin Configuration
  • All Packages Available: Metal Can
Additional Details
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Both devices have lower input bias and offset currents over the entire temperature range, and are available in all standard 8-pin packages. In addition, Linear's LF412A has lower voltage noise and higher voltage gain. Linear's OP-215 supply currents are nearly halved. Please see the LT1057/LT1058 data sheet for applications requiring higher performance. The LT1057 is a pin compatible JFET input dual, the LT1058 is a JFET input quad op amp in the standard 14-pin DIP configuration.


  • Sample and Hold Amplifiers
  • Output Amplifier for Dual Current Output DACs
  • High Speed Integrators
  • Photocell Amplifiers
  • High Input Impedance Instrumentation Amplifiers

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