Industrial Ethernet Embedded Switches

REM Switch Family Supports All Major Industrial Ethernet Protocols and Connects to Any Processor to Build Any Field Device or Controller Application.

The fido5000 REM switch family includes two 2-port, Industrial Ethernet embedded switches that interface to any processor, including any ARM® CPU and ADI’s fido1100 communication controller. ADI’s PriorityChannel™ technology has been integrated into their hardware architecture and designed into the REM switch software drivers. The protocols supported by these switches are PROFINET Class C (IRT) and Class B (RT), EtherNet/IP® with and without DLR, Modbus® TCP, EtherCAT®, and POWERLINK®. The REM switches come with a software driver for each protocol. The software drivers provide an API for integration with any field device or controller protocol stack. ADI is certifying REM and its software drivers at each protocol’s sponsoring industry organization using ADI’s RapID platform.

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Integrated with ADI’s PriorityChannel™ Technology


Advantages of designing with ADI Industrial Ethernet Embedded Switches

These Industrial Ethernet embedded switches are designed so you can choose the type of processor that fits your application and not be forced to use a particular vendor’s protocol stack. REM attaches to the memory bus of a processor and looks like any other peripheral out on that bus. The memory cycle for REM goes down to 32 ns (125 Mbps with a 32-bit bus) to support the 12.5 µs cycle time for EtherCAT and the 31.25 μs cycle time for PROFINET IRT. Data is transferred to and from the switches using PriorityChannel queues, so real-time data transfers can interrupt nonreal-time data transfers without delay. These queues are managed by a switch driver and interface to the protocol stack to achieve the most efficient data transfers possible. This also means that application software doesn’t have to worry about managing the switch, setting low level registers, or keeping track of intricate time management processes.

Another performance advantage of the Industrial Ethernet embedded switches is that their PriorityChannel technology make them immune to network loading effects. This advantage ensures that your application is up and running all the time, every time. The REM switches intelligently filter packets to keep unwanted traffic from your processor, manage low priority traffic based on the loading of your processor, and guarantee the timely delivery of high priority packets, regardless of overall packet load.

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Ethernet protocol challenges solved

Ethernet Protocol Challenges Solved

Many suppliers and manufacturers of industrial automation technologies are longing for an open, manufacturer-independent communication platform. Thus, manufacturers expect system-wide realizations of the increasing amount of automation processes.

More benefits of designing with the fido5000 family

Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4.0 Applications

Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4.0 Applications

See how this technology provides determinism at the node for factory devices so they do not have to worry about the effects of network traffic.

Watch the video about Deterministic Ethernet

Part Number Description
fido5100 Real-time Ethernet Multiprotocol Switch
fido5200 Real-time Ethernet Multiprotocol Switch with EtherCAT
fido2100 Real-time Ethernet Switch with DLR and 1588