Part Details
  • -13.5 to +18 Gain Control in 0.5dB Steps
  • Power-up State Selection
  • High Output IP3: +33 dBm
  • TTL / CMOS Compatible
    Serial or Parallel Control
  • Typical Gain Step Error: ±0.25 dB
  • Single +5V Supply
  • 32 Lead 5x5 mm SMT Package
Additional Details
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The HMC625ALP5E is a digitally controlled variable gain amplifier which operates from DC to 6 GHz, and can be programmed to provide anywhere from 13.5 dB attenuation, to 18 dB of gain, in 0.5 dB steps. The HMC625ALP5E delivers noise figure of 6 dB in its maximum gain state, with output IP3 of up to +33 dBm in any state. The dual mode control interface is CMOS/ TTL compatible, and accepts either a three wire serial input or a 6 bit parallel word. The HMC625ALP5E also features a user selectable power up state and a serial output port for cascading other Hittite serial controlled components. The HMC625ALP5E is housed in a RoHS compliant 5x5 mm QFN leadless package, and requires no external matching components.


  • Cellular / 3G Infrastructure
  • WiBro / WiMAX / 4G
  • Microwave Radio & VSAT
  • Test Equipment & Sensors
  • IF & RF Applications

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