Features and Benefits

  • ±0.5°C (typical) threshold accuracy
  • Factory set trip points from
    −45°C to +15°C in 10°C increments
    +35°C to +115°C in 10°C increments
  • No external components required
  • Maximum temperature of 125°C
  • Open-drain output (ADT6501/ADT6503)
  • Push-pull output (ADT6502/ADT6504)
  • Pin-selectable hysteresis of 2°C or 10°C
  • Supply current of 30 μA (typical)
  • Space-saving, 5-lead SOT-23 package

Product Details

The ADT6501/ADT6502/ADT6503/ADT6504 are trip point temperature switches available in a 5-lead SOT-23 package. Each part contains an internal band gap temperature sensor for local temperature sensing. When the temperature crosses the trip point setting, the logic output is activated. The ADT6501/ ADT6503 logic output is active low and open-drain. The ADT6502/ADT6504 logic output is active high and push-pull. The temperature is digitized to a resolution of 0.125°C (11-bit). The factory trip point settings are 10°C apart starting from −45°C to +15°C for the cold threshold models and from +35°C to +115°C for the hot threshold models.

These devices require no external components and typically consume 30 μA supply current. Hysteresis is pin-selectable at 2°C and 10°C. The temperature switch is specified to operate over the supply range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V.

The ADT6501 and ADT6502 are used for monitoring temperatures from +35°C to +115°C only. Therefore, the logic output pin becomes active when the temperature goes higher than the selected trip point temperature.

The ADT6503 and ADT6504 are used for monitoring temperatures from −45°C to +15°C only. Therefore, the logic output pin becomes active when the temperature goes lower than the selected trip point temperature.

Product Highlights

  1. Σ-Δ based temperature measurement gives high accuracy and noise immunity.
  2. Wide operating temperature range from −55°C to +125°C.
  3. ±0.5°C typical accuracy from −45°C to +115°C.
  4. Factory threshold settings from 35°C to 115°C in 10°C increments.
  5. Supply voltage is 2.7 V to 5.5 V.
  6. Supply current of 30 μA.
  7. Space-saving, 5-lead SOT-23 package.
  8. Pin-selectable temperature hysteresis of 2°C or 10°C.
  9. Temperature resolution of 0.125°C.


  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Cell phones
  • Hard disk drives
  • Personal computers
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Domestic appliances
  • Process controls
  • Data Sheet, Rev. A, 1/08

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