Features and Benefits

  • Complete suite of 3V to 15V level shifters
  • High voltage edge detector
  • Integrated low offset VCOM buffer
  • MUX'd input 2-level pre-charge amplifier

Product Details

The ADSY8401 provides fast, 3V to 15V level shifters for LCD panel timing signals. An integrated low offset analog buffer is capable of driving the high capacitive loads. A 2:1 MUX input, low offset buffer simplifies application of two level pre-charge signals. A high current buffer provides high slew rates for large capacitive loads.

The ADSY8401 is fabricated on ADI's fast, 26V XFHV process, providing fast input logic, high voltage level shifters and precision drive amplifiers on the same chip.

The ADSY8401 dissipates 720 mW nominal static power.

The ADSY8401 is offered in a 48-pin 7×7 mm LFCSP E-pad package and operates over the commercial temperature range of 0°C to +85°C.

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