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Features and Benefits

  • 7 high performance, 24-bit Σ-Δ ADCs
    • 101 dB SNR at 8 kSPS with PGA = 1
    • Wide input voltage range: ±1 V, 707 mV rms full scale at gain = 1
    • Differential inputs
  • ±25 ppm/°C maximum channel drift (including ADC, internal VREF, PGA drift) enabling 10000:1 dynamic input range, Class 0.2 metrology with standard external components
  • With the optional ADSW-PQ-CLS Power Quality Library, the complete IEC 61000-4-30 Class S power quality standard is implemented including:
    • Power frequency 10 sec average
    • Magnitude of the supply
    • Dips and swells
    • Interruptions
    • Rapid voltage change
    • Flicker
    • Mains signaling voltage
    • Underdeviation and overdeviation
    • Voltage and current
      • Magnitude
      • Harmonics
      • Interharmonics
      • Unbalance
      • THD
      • Waveform recording
  • Optional ADSW-PQ-CLS Power Quality Library compatible with ARM® Cortex microcontrollers
  • VRMS one-cycle and IRMS one-cycle refreshed each cycle
  • VRMS and IRMS filtered and updated every sample
  • 10 cycle rms/12 cycle rms
  • Period registers to calculate line frequency, one per phase
  • Zero crossing and zero-crossing timeout
  • Phase angle measurements
  • Supports CTs
  • Multipoint phase and gain compensations for CTs
  • Rogowski coils with the addition of an external analog integrator
  • Continuous resampled data available
  • Waveform buffer
  • Advanced metrology feature set
    • Total and fundamental active power, volt amperes reactive (VAR), volt amperes (VA), watthour, VAR hour, and VA hour
    • Total and fundamental IRMS and VRMS
    • Power factor
    • Supports active energy standards: IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62053-22, EN50470-3, OIML R46, and ANSI C12.20
    • Supports reactive energy standards: IEC 62053-23 and IEC 62053-24
  • High speed communication port: 20 MHz SPI
  • Integrated temperature sensor with 12-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC
  • ±3°C accuracy from −40°C to +85°C

Product Details

The ADE9430 is a highly accurate, fully integrated, polyphase energy and power quality monitoring device. Superior analog performance and a digital signal processing (DSP) core enable accurate energy monitoring over a wide dynamic range. An integrated high end reference ensures low drift over temperature with a combined drift of less than ±25 ppm/°C maximum for the entire channel including a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

The ADE9430 offers a complete power quality monitoring capability by providing instantaneous total as well as fundamental measurements on rms, frequency, phase angle, power factor active, reactive, and apparent powers and energies. Using the optional ADSWPQ-CLS Power Quality Library, advanced power quality features, such as dip and swell monitoring, power frequency, voltage total harmonic distortion (VTHD), and current total harmonic distortion (ITHD), are enabled. The one cycle rms, 10 cycle rms/12 cycle rms, and the optional ADSW-PQ-CLS Power Quality Library features are calculated according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class S. To request access to the ADSW-PQ-CLS, fill out the software request form at: Software Request Form | Analog Devices, where the target technology must be power quality monitoring and the processor/system on chip (SoC) is the ADE9430.

The ADE9430 offers a resampled waveform of 1024 points per 10 cycles or 12 cycles. Resampling simplifies the fast Fourier transform (FFT) calculation of at least 40 harmonics in an external processor.

The ADE9430 simplifies the implementation and certification of energy and power quality monitoring systems by providing tight integration of acquisition and calculation engines. The integrated ADCs and DSP engine calculate various parameters and provide data through user accessible registers or indicate events through interrupt pins. With seven dedicated ADC channels, the ADE9430 can be used on a 3-phase system or up to three single-phase systems. This device supports current transformers (CTs) or Rogowski coils when used with external analog integrator for current measurements.

The ADE9430 absorbs most of the complexity in calculations for a power quality monitoring system. Combining a simple host microcontroller and the optional ADSW-PQ-CLS Power Quality Library, the ADE9430 enables the design of standalone monitoring or protection systems, or low cost nodes uploading data into the cloud.


  • Energy and power monitoring
  • Standards compliant power quality monitoring
  • Protective devices
  • Machine health
  • Smart power distribution units
  • Polyphase energy meters

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Evaluation Kits (1)

Software & Systems Requirements

Software Module

ADSW-PQ-CLS Power Quality Library

Licensed software that works in conjunction with the ADE9430 IC to meet IEC 61000-4-30 Class S power quality requirements. Select 'Power Quality Monitoring' in the Target Technology dropdown to review the license agreement and download the software.

First, secure the ‘Evaluation’ version of the Software Library, which is intended to be used with the evaluation kit EVAL-ADE9430. The software is initially provided in a compiled form, and you can get the ‘Production’ version with the source code once the evaluation is successfully completed. The software can then also be ported to other platforms.

Please note: the content and functionality of both versions is identical.

Device Drivers

136.95 K

ADE9430 Software Drivers

C header file for ADE9430 containing register addresses and bitfield definitions

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Part Number Material Declaration Reliability Data Pin/Package Drawing CAD Symbols, Footprints & 3D Models
ADE9430ACPZ Material Declaration Reliability Data 40-Lead LFCSP (6mm x 6mm w/ EP)
ADE9430ACPZ-RL Material Declaration Reliability Data 40-Lead LFCSP (6mm x 6mm w/ EP)
Wafer Fabrication Data

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